Third Party Providers

BeefBoosters Inc.  
Phone: 1-800-668-1529
Fax: 403-291-9559
Lloydminster Animal Hospital
6002-50th Ave
Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 2T9
Phone: 780-875-5733
Fax: 780-875-5799 
Phone: 519-767-2665
Fax: 519-767-2502
Linwood, Ontario
Phone: 519-698-0034
British Columbia Cattlemen's Association
#4-10145 Dallas Dr.
Kamloops, BC V2C 6T4
Phone: 250-573-3611
Email:  Andrea White at
Quantum Genetix Canada Inc.
Jim Palmer
VP Business Development
Phone: 403-285-3498
Cell: 403-660-0643
Fax: 403-280-1433
Canadian Angus Association
Phone (toll free): 1-888-571-3580
Direct 403-571-3580
Fax: 403-571-3599
Herd Trax  
Phone: 403-935-4855
Canadian Limousin Association
(Third party for CLA members only)
Phone (toll free): 1-866-886-1605
Direct 403-253-7309
Fax: 403-253-1704
Saskatchewan Stock Grower's Association
Box 4752 Regina, Saskatchewan 
S4P 3Y4
Phone: 306-757-8523
Fax: 306-569-8799 
Chad MacPherson 
Claresholm Veterinary Services Ltd.
Phone: 403-625-3677
Fax: 403-625-3655
Toll Free: 1-888-431-0988
 Veterinary Agri-Health Services Ltd.
Phone: 403-948-2253
Fax: 404-948-0520
Carla Phyant
Phone: 780-218-8890
 West-Central Forage Association 
Fito Zamudio Baca B.Sc. 
Phone: 780-727-4447
Toll free in AB: 1-866-725-4447
Fax: 780-727-4334
Lee Irvine
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
Phone: 403-671-4878
Roch(Rock) Viens - Viensco Inc
Camrose, AB.
Phone: 780-608-9788

TrustBIX will continue to evolve and post a complete list of approved Third Party Providers acting on behalf of existing TrustBIX participants. Any person interested in being approved as a TrustBIX Third Party Provider is asked to contact TrustBIX at Toll Free 866-456-2207

How to Fill Out The Form

Parties who want to become a TrustBIX Third Party Provider, must first complete the “TrustBIX Third Party Provider Agreement”. As soon as the Agreement has been executed between the potential Third Party Provider and TrustBIX then the approved Third Party Provider may approach Producers to act on their behalf. Click here for the “TrustBIX Third Party Provider Agreement”.

When a Producer agrees to work with an approved TrustBIX Third Party Provider, an Agreement must be completed and signed by both parties. Click here for the “TrustBIX Third Party Provider and Producer Agreement”.

Please send the completed forms to TrustBIX Inc. by email, FAX or regular mail (please see below). Until TrustBIX Inc. is in receipt of the completed “TrustBIX Third Party Provider and Producer Agreement” and authorization is granted, no information can be reported by your Third Party Provider on behalf of a Producer.

Completed forms may be sent to TrustBIX Inc. via any of the following:
FAX: 800.475.4603
Mail: 2nd Floor, 10607 82 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6A 3N2

Third Party Provider Agreement       Third Party Producer Agreement 
PDF Form
                PDF Form