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On a national scale, other segments of the industry will have the ability to recognize the value their products and businesses can add to the Canadian Beef production chain. They can have the ability to attach attributes, feed and care protocols to individual animals in the database in BIXS. If they want to showcase a certain type of carcass or breed mix or management protocol, BIXS can be their tool. Retailers, further processors, exporters and others can use BIXS to verify what has been done to the animal throughout its lifetime, to fulfill their needs.

Think of it this way: you’re a retailer looking to link up with producers who have certain genetics in the cattle, have the ability to segregate animals without added growth promotants or antibiotic treatments, have a proven track record of producing highly marbled tender beef and who are on the Verified Beef Plus Production program. BIXS can help develop the supply and production chain you need to access a steady supply of this beef. This is UNLOCKING THE VALUE, and REFLECTING THE PRIDE of our industry to our consumers and the world.

Pharmaceutical companies and vets can work with producers to record care, vaccinations and to add value to the animals they sell. Software providers and seedstock organizations can simplify producer record-keeping by creating data-flow with BIXS. 

Producers can provide data on their cattle to auctions at the time of sale which make their cattle more desirable to the next step in the chain.

The potential of BIXS as a tool for all segments of the beef supply chain is staggering.