Packing Plant Image
Packing plant worker grading beef

Participating packing plants provide detailed individual carcass data linked to the CCIA tag ID number into the BIXS database.

The objective in doing so is to provide the kind of information back to the Canadian cow-calf and feedlot participants needed to:
Packer image
  • Improve management, efficiencies, profitability and beef quality across the country.  This is one of the pillars of the National Beef Strategy – Connectivity.
  • Packers will realize direct benefits from BIXS through improved down-chain sourcing based on known specifications. Packers can blind email to connect with feedlots and cow/calf producers that are showing they produce the kind of animal and beef the packer needs.
  • BIXS has the potential to provide the individual animal genetic, management, performance, health and historical carcass information from the cow/calf and feedlot segments to help secure supply more effectively. With the kind of data BIXS provides linked to the carcass data, packers have the ability to conduct post-slaughter data analytics to improve efficiencies and market strategies