JGL becomes the first cattle seller to offer VBP+ Focused Days

Featuring VBP+ cattle for the first time in Canada, cattle procurement and sales outlets are focused on marketing Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+). JGL Livestock has committed to two days this fall for VBP+ cattle. The cattle seller should ensure their operation is active in the VBP+ program and registered in BIX for live animal traceability.

Although there will be no guaranteed premium paid because the cattle are from VBP+ Registered operations, the true benefit to producers are that they are eligible for the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot Project (CBSA) which has been paying back each producer who raised or fed qualifying cattle financial credits ranging for $10 to over $20 per head across the first three quarters of the pilot project.

JGL will ensure that cattle sold during these days will be fed out at VBP+ registered feedlots will be guaranteeing harvest at Cargill High River Plant to ensure the CBSA supply chain is linked.

In order for cattle to be eligible for the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot Project (CBSA) project, animals have to have met the following criteria;

  • Been born and fed out at operation(s) that meet the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) framework for sustainability and been audited by an approved organization such as VBP+ or Where Food Comes from (WFCF).
  • Been age verified through the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) or BIX.
  • Been fed out at operations that are registered with BIX as they are providing live animal traceability for the pilot project.

Producers registered with BIX are able to check their VBP+ status by logging into their BIX account (www.mybixs.com) and selecting the “My Account” where the “VBP+ Verified Member” notation can be seen in the bottom left corner under their name.

JGL will offer two weigh days for cattle from VBP+ Registered operations – October 17, 2018 and November 14, 2018 at their buying station in Moose Jaw, Sask.

Sellers are asked to call Wade Kot with JGL at 306-692-4911 two days prior to the selected sale day for prices and details. The cattle must be hauled on the specified day to JGL’s yard in Moose Jaw to be weighed.

As a VBP+ Registered operation there is a downloadable form you can fill out when presenting your animals for sale. Please go here to download the form: VBP+ Sales Declaration

For more information contact Joe Jackson at JGL at 306-624-2361.

For help with BIX please contact Lee Irvine (403) 671 4878 or visit www.mybixs.com