British Columbia Ranch Family of 5
ty and fence


This is the place to reflect your accomplishments and your pride. Cow/calf producers are in the best position to impact the future quality and value of Canadian beef BIXS is created to add more value to the National ID, and is a significant opportunity for the Canadian cattle industry to enhance its competitive advantage in the global beef business. Use BIXS to showcase your operation – feature programs that you have participated in, feature verifications or audits your operation has gone through. Use BIXS to capture and exchange information on management, performance, health protocols, genetics and carcass data, all based on the individual animal CCIA tag. BIXS provides the opportunity for cow/calf producers to showcase their operations and cattle to other BIXS beef chain participants at the feedlot, packer and distribution sectors. Cow/calf producer participants can age verify their animals with the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS) or through BIXS, taking advantage of the data flow which happens automatically.