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Hello Everyone, Since the day I became President of BIXS, the industry has asked me a great question, “If I sign up with BIXS, what’s in it for me?” Well, as the saying goes, “Membership has its privileges”, so I have an answer for the question, “What’s in it for me?” Besides being able to access a wealth of information and great reporting regarding your cattle, we have created another benefit for you, the BIXS Buying Club (BBC) which is an exclusive BIXS member benefit! The BBC concept is simple and it’s based on getting volume discounts for BIXS members. When thousands of producers work together, they have tremendous buying power and BIXS has partnered with companies who are willing to provide real discounts and savings to you, the BIXS members. The greater the number of purchases, the greater the discount is that everyone receives. For the first BBC offering, we are working with a company that many producers already deal with, Fountain Tire, to enable you to receive large discounts on things you regularly buy. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, this is how it works... Go to www.BIXSco.com and take a look at the Fountain Tire, BIXS Buying Club offering: You will see:

  • The item(s) being sold (tires, windshield wipers, service packages, etc.).
  • The length of time of the offering (in days remaining). 
  • A discount pricing schedule which shows an INCREASING discount, based upon the number of confirmed orders.
  • The number of currently confirmed orders (the more orders, the lower the price for everyone).
  • When the sale period is over, whatever the committed order total is, the discount will be applied to EVERY order.

Questions you may have:

  • If I am the first to order, will I pay more than the person who orders last?

    That is the good news and the power of group buying. Everyone receives the same discount and it is based on the committed volume of orders and the increasing discounts, which you will be able to see on the website. Therefore, it does not matter if you are the first or the last to order, everyone who orders will receive the same discount.

  • Can I order if I am not a BIXS member?

    No. BIXS discounts are only available for BIXS members. If someone is not a member, they must register at www.BIXSco.com

  • Is there an annual fee to be part of the BIXS Buying Club?

    Yes, there is a $50 per year fee, however, this is only charged after the BIXS Buying Club member has saved you over $100 in that same year. The BIXS Buying Club is different than every other buying club you have ever seen. You save money before paying for the membership fee. Maybe you should ask Costco if they will wait until the end of the year before charging you for membership.

  • What is the warranty or return policy?

    The warranty or return policy is provided by each participating vendor. 

  • How do I place an order?

    You must have a BIXS id. If you don’t, do the following:

If you any additional questions, please feel free to either email us at info@bixsco.com or call 780-456-2207. Happy buying!!!....and remember to call, text or email all your friends and family about the BIXS Buying Club, so they can save money too.

Sincerely yours,

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Hubert Lau President BIXSco Inc.