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About Us

The Business Information Exchange Systems (BIXS) recently took a giant leap towards its future growth plans. The growing company, now rebranded as BIX Systems, is comprised of Viewtrak Technologies and BIXSco Inc. and continues to deliver industry leading customer service, software, hardware, data management and key services to our users and customers globally and across many agricultural products. For years, BIX Systems has led internationally with programs to manage feedlots and cattle auction management software. BIX Systems was also the one of the first in the world to create an electronic grading probe for Pork and Lamb. BIX Systems focuses on collecting data throughout the agricultural supply chain and building a good network of shared data and traceability that creates efficiencies and areas for economic collaboration where everyone in the system is rewarded financially.

Our systems continue to be customizable to help you build a more profitable business by locating ways to help you grow and make difficult decisions a lot easier.

Our hand-picked team at BIX Systems are representative of agriculture, marketing and tech leaders so that we can innovate, create and increase the speed of progress in agriculture, food safety and consumer confidence.