About Us

The Business Information Exchange (BIX) has taken a giant leap towards its future growth plans. BIX continues to deliver industry leading data collection, sharing, management and key services to our users and customers globally, and across many products. Data sharing creates opportunities for economic collaboration where everyone in the system may be incentivized to participate.

BIX provides the opportunity to be part of value add programs which create more markets and value, while providing assurances to consumers.

Built for Purpose

Our hand-picked team is representative of production, agriculture, marketing and technology leaders.  We innovate, create and increase the speed of progress in production, agriculture, food safety and consumer confidence.

Make Better Decisions

Making better decisions is part of continuous improvement which supports sustainability. A network of shared data creates efficiencies and areas for economic collaboration where everyone in the system can be rewarded financially.


Security is important to us:

  • You keep as much information as you want 
  • You share only what you choose to share
  • You make the decisions on how to run your business
  • You to gain insights into your operation through data