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About Us

We are not quite there yet, but through BIXS, an unprecedented number of industry leaders are working together to make industry-wide tracking a reality. Working with different parts of the value chain as a value-added provider, BIXS is becoming the backbone of Canada's cattle and beef industry, building a system that unlocks data for everyone - from producers, to processors to retailers. Building trust in the entire supply chain - which is vital here at home and to the rest of the world.

The more the industry participates in tracking, the more the industry benefits. Producers who are engaged are going to have the strongest voices, and the best opportunities for improving their businesses and the whole industry.

Globally and locally, consumers are demanding more information about the quality of their beef, its history of care, and chain of custody. With more robust tracking through BIXS, Canadian beef can access lucrative international markets and compete more readily with other kinds of livestock both at home and abroad. As BIXS becomes more robust, Canada will be miles ahead of other beef producing countries in being able to track beef from farm or ranch to fork. 


No personal Information is shared through the system; users remain anonymous.