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TrustBIX Pilot Project Leadership and Collaboration

The initiative that TrustBIXS is most proud of is the leadership role it took in forming the multi-stakeholder membership of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). This group developed the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework with a mission of driving the advancement and recognition of beef sustainability in Canada through a world-class, operation–level certification program.

Using the existing and mandatory Electronic Identification system currently used in the Canadian beef industry to track individual animals for health and disease control purposes, the TrustBIXS product , known simply as BIXS, helped to integrate and verify the processes in place. From there, TrustBIXS led and developed an “incentive solution” that would see cattle producers registered in the system and audited as verified sustainable, have the ability to receive monetary reward for that effort from supporting retailers and restaurants.

For this ground-breaking program to be successful however, TrustBIXS collaborated with Cargill Foods, one of the world’s largest commodity and food companies in the world. To encourage traceability and sustainability in the Canadian beef industry, we believed that money must be paid up the whole supply chain to incentivize every sector of that chain.  This was a radical idea since this has never been done on an open supply chain where there could be tens of thousands of supplier operations. 

Starting with a pilot project in 2015 with the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, we have now shown the TrustBIX technology to be effective as the backbone of the McDonald’s first ever Verified Sustainable Beef pilot project. This pilot project demonstrated full traceability from “birth to burger”. This was a World’s first effort!

The pilot project that followed where we introduced “incentive solutions” to this initial success was the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot Project (CBSA). This pilot project enabled Canada to become the first country in the world to deliver Certified Sustainable Beef through the supply chain.  We are currently collaborating with companies such as Cargill, McDonald’s, Loblaws, Cara Foods and Cactus Club to drive money back to every farm and ranch operation that produced Certified Sustainable cattle ( Additionally the BIXS ecosystem tracks all of the cattle and also acts as a “clearing house” to issue cheques on behalf of retailers also engaged in the CBSA pilot project.

This demonstrates TrustBIX Inc. leadership talent in achieving cohesion between various beef associations, manufacturers, restaurants and leading retailers across Canada. We are not afraid of being first at anything which is laid bare in the many firsts we have already created in the domestic beef industry.