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BIX Pilot Projects, Leadership and Collaboration

The initiative that BIX is most proud of is participation in the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB). The CRSB developed the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework to drive the advancement and recognition of beef sustainability in Canada through a world-class, operation–level certification program.  BIX has also launched the first stage of the Financial Interest Notification System (FINS) pilot project.  A risk management tool for lenders and to enhance the security for producer cooperatives.



Starting with a pilot project in 2015, BIX proved to be effective as the backbone of the McDonald’s first ever Verified Sustainable Beef pilot project. This pilot project demonstrated full traceability from “birth to burger”.  A World First!

In 2017, BIX collaborated with Cargill Foods, one of the world’s largest commodity and food companies to encourage traceability and sustainability in the Canadian beef industry. In this new program, Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot project (, the opportunity is for every sector of the supply chain to be incentivized.  This has never been done before in an open supply chain where there could be tens of thousands of supplier operations. 

In this ongoing program, BIX provides chain of custody to track the certified sustainable cattle and delivers a financial credit, an “incentive solution”. That solution sees cattle producers, registered in BIX and audited as certified sustainable, eligible to receive a monetary reward for their effort in supplying certified sustainably raised cattle. This financial credit, supplied by supporting retailers and restaurants, is paid out to each operation in the supply chain provided those cattle move through a full audited supply chain.

This pilot project enabled Canada to become the first country in the world to deliver Certified Sustainable Beef.  Companies such as Cargill, McDonald’s, Loblaws, Original Joes, Swiss Chalet and Cactus Club fund the program to produce Certified Sustainable Beef ( BIX also acts as a “clearing house” to issue cheques, on behalf of retailers, to producers whose cattle successfully moved through a fully certified sustainable supply chain.