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BIXS Brings Cattle Producers a New Kind of Cooperative

News Release


CALGARY, ALBERTA—October 20, 2016— Many decades after the cooperative movement took hold in Canada’s agriculture sector, a new collaborative online buying platform is being made available to Canadian cattle producers through the Beef Infoxchange System (BIXS) and its newly formed BIXS Buying Club (BBC). Available exclusively to BIXS members, the BBC will help Canadian cattle producers weather volatile markets by harnessing their collective buying power—offering large group discounts through participating retailers on items they routinely buy.


“The BBC is about collaborative economics—one in which every part of the sector can benefit from working together as a whole,” says Hubert Lau, President and CEO of BIXS. “In this case, agriculture-based retailers can access BIXS’ large and growing membership base, while BIXS members benefit from deep discounts from retail partners. Through the revenue generated by the BBC, the BIXS industry-wide data-sharing system will allow us to continue to grow, supporting a more competitive sector. The individual and group benefits are exponential.” 


Lau notes that the BIXS Buying Club is different than every other buying club, because the discounts escalate with the number of confirmed purchases. The more members participate in purchasing a specific item, the bigger each person’s discount. The other unique aspect of the BBC is the deferred fee. The $50 membership fee doesn’t kick in until the buyer has saved at least $100. Lau notes that other buying clubs charge a fee before the savings happen. BIXS is turning that model on its head.


Members of the BBC will not only have access to great discounts—they’ll get to pass those discounts along to friends and family who are also BIXS members.  Here’s how it works:


- Offered items (like tires, auto parts, and service packages) will be listed on the BBC website, and the offer expiry date.

- A discount-pricing schedule will track the number of confirmed orders, and show an INCREASING discount as orders go up—the more people buy, the more everyone saves.

- When the sale period is over, whatever the committed order total is, the discount will be applied to EVERY order.


The BBC’s first retail partner is Fountain Tire, providing top-quality service to Canada’s agriculture sector for over 60 years. “We love the idea of working together with BIXS to give cattle producers a leg up during these challenging economic times”, says James Bliss of Fountain Tire“It’s important for the agricultural industry to stand together and support each other. That’s what the BBC is all about, and that’s why we’re proud to have Fountain Tire as our first retail partner,” says Hubert Lau of BIXS.


Lau adds that the BBC is one more way BIXS is helping members run more profitable operations and stay ahead of the competition.


Complete BIXS Buying Club details can be found here: