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Built for Purpose

Our hand-picked team at TrustBIX we are representative of agriculture, marketing and tech leaders so that we can innovate, create and increase the speed of progress in agriculture, food safety and consumer confidence.

Make Better Decisions

Making better decisions is part of continuously improving. A good network of shared data creates efficiencies and areas for economic collaboration where everyone in the system is rewarded financially. Our systems can be customized to help you build a more profitable business by locating ways to help you grow and make difficult decisions a lot easier.

History in Safety

Security has been the cornerstone of TrustBIX for over 7 years. You keep as much information as you want, but you share what you want to share so that you make the decisions on how to run your business. Our business is data and knowledge that allows you to gain insights into agriculture and best practices while reducing exposure to liabilities.

Join Your Future

TrustBIX has lead internationally with programs to manage feedlot inventory and cattle auction management software. We are also the first in the world to create an electronic grading probe for Pork and Lamb. Join us as we think and act for the future in agriculture.