New industry-wide data sharing

BIXSco and Cargill's deal to enable flow of carcass data through supply chain is a 'tremendous step forward' in tracking cattle production information. The deal, which was signed a few months ago, lets producers, packers and retailers verify the quality of their beef, determine fair value based on market factors and respond to consumer demand for information about the quality of Canadian beef.

Beef InfoXChange System (BIXS) is rebuilding its data management system to accommodate higher volumes of data and allow the supply chain to buy and sell data up and downstream. The system still ensures no personal information is shared—users stay anonymous until they choose to contact a source of information or a query.

Getting access to carcass data was long identified as the "major roadblock' to cattle production information throughout the supply chain.

The agreement with Cargill helps the industry °unlock value by sharing data' which helps beef producers improve their management and profitability, says Hubert Lau, President and CEO of BIXSco.

Cargill has worked with BIXS since its inception in 2009 and looks forward to "'embracing the potential of this data management system,° says Chantelle Donahue, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Cargill Limited