TrustBIX Inc. is focused on the Global agricultural industries that use technology to improve trust of the entire supply chain, leading to consumer loyalty and a safer, affordable and more sustainable food. We employ a diverse team of industry experts to reach your goals of innovation, efficiency and profit.

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How to register in TrustBIX

TrustBIX leads the way in tracing sustainable beef in Canada

TrustBIX has tools for building new relationships, that allow participants to communicate, build business opportunities upstream and downstream related to the information in the system. This is what we refer to as collaborative economics which is a core value of TrustBIX. Information sharing is the pillar on which the advancement and success of Canadian agriculture is based and it serves as an example of how traceability and sustainability has the potential to provide financial benefits to any industry, anywhere on the globe.

The entire Canadian Beef Community is in this together, transforming raw data into value requires collection of data from ranchers, feedlots and packing plants.
Meeting consumers desires and demand at the same time improving profitability and ensuring food safety. We have to be able to verify our product. We’ve been challenged historically and we haven’t moved far enough.
BIXS is helping to unlock the value of data. But you hold the key.
BIXS can reflect the pride of care that goes into raising, feeding, and packaging our beef.
Canadian beef is recognized as one of the highest quality proteins in the world, raised right by producers who care. You’re part of a great industry with a great story.
Imagine the value of an integrated supply chain, to help everyone (from producers through to packers to retailers) find their own ways to unlock the value of information.
Data is also the key to accessing the world’s high value markets like Asia and Europe— who are asking us to prove the history of care of our animals.
There could be up to twenty-five percent more profit if producers have access to data information flow at the cow/calf stage, and there is data and information to back this up.
Information is the key to understanding what you’re producing so you can do it better, faster, with a higher quality.